Stand out among the competition. Obtain recognition and remembrance almost instantly.

The secret of great leaders to build solid and recognized corporate image identity

Corporate Identity is an indispensable tool for the strategy of your business, used by corporate leaders around the world to increase value and competitiveness of their organizations. The corporate identity guide defines how your business is projecting into the market, and therefore the creation of a corporate identity guide that is consistent and skillfully targeted is a major factor to obtain the desired position in the mind of the consumer.

Mis-handling or misguiding the corporate identity may be fatal for your organization. It is critical to effectively use branding analysis and identity designers to reach your target design goals.

An ambiguous or poorly focused corporate identity may give the wrong impression about your organization, which will translate into fewer clients, fewer sales and greater expenses in an ineffective communication plan.

With a well-developed Corporate Identity, your organization will standout among the competition, increasing the recognition and remembrance. This means more potential clients, growth of sales, and a synergistic effect in your communication efforts.

Your Corporate Image needs improvement if:

  • Your competition's corporate image branding is better than yours
  • The public does not know who your organization is…
  • People are confused as to what your corporate identity stands for
  • Your workplace communication (internal or external) is inconsistent
  • The graphic identity is antiquated or not at the stature of your organization

Convert your identity branding into a competitive advantage!

Five suggestions to improve the perception of your brand:

  • Maintain graphic unity; be consistent in the internal, as well as external communication.
  • Increase your presence: repetition, repetition, repetition into your visual signals.
  • Develop materials that strengthen each other mutually generating synergy that increases presence, sales and efficiency.
  • Don't wait to INNOVATE. Innovation should not be held back for the time of a problem; it should be factored into in your strategic business plan.
  • Developed or update your brand manual. In this manual you should compile and organize the visual signs and their applications. And make sure that your suppliers implement it.

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Hans Pfister President and co-owner of Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality